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We are obsessed with the sourcing of our food. The closer to Moscow the better.  We coordinate with local farmers to grow special types of chilies, potatoes, greens and all sorts of stuff. If they are growing something, we’re buying it. Our pork is locally raised, our eggs come from local hens living the good life on Moscow area farms, we use Shepherd’s Grain wheat baking flour from Oregon, our beef is raised on the North Central plains of Washington and is antibiotic free, our fish selections are always a “best choice” sustainability rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, our chicken is organic and certified Step 3 by the Global Animal Partnership, a nonprofit charitable organization that is dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of animals in agriculture. We believe that food should nourish your body and also your heart and mind. For this reason, sourcing is the foundation of our kitchen.

100% local cheeses 

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