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Our staff is an eclectic mixture of homegrown Moscowvites and transplants, aspiring and experienced chefs, hardworking university students, bartenders who like to tinker, people's people, and those who just generally love all things food. Their contributions, widely differing personalities and life stories, inspire us, make us laugh, and make us feel grateful to be in this wonderful industry.


our culture

We are committed to providing a warm hospitable environment in the heart of Moscow. Dedicated to training our staff and enhancing their educations, we offer frequent wine and menu tastings alongside extensive training. We are a big family of friends - from Christmas parties, to birthdays, to new adventures, we are a close-knit group of passionate individuals. We’ll hire a good fit regardless of their previous experience.


our tipping policy

We are a gratuity free restaurant, which means every check includes an 19% service charge. 100% of these funds are distributed to our team in the form of wages and benefits. We have always been committed to compensating our staff fairly and competitively across all positions. Our service policy addresses the disparity between front and back of house once and for all and allows us to provide a more equitable, dependable, and sustainable working environment. All of our employees, full-time and part-time alike, earn above a living wage and receive paid vacation, paid sick leave, and paid maternity and paternity leave.


how to apply

Please fill out the application below, and email it to with a copy of your resume!

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