EMPANADAS • stuffed pastries. chopped sirloin, red onions, scallions, raisins, aceituna de botija olive, local egg. serrano-lime juice | 8.95

COCO SHRIMP • skewered patagonian pink shrimp, coconut, mango chutney. gf | 10.95

AVOCADO WRAPS • avocado,  sun-dried tomato, onion. tamarind-cilantro-cashew sauce. v | 9.95

RIBEYE ANTICUCHOS • grilled ribeye skewers, potato, emulsified  garlic-lime-beer sauce | 11.95


SANGRIA • organic baby lettuces, seasonal tree fruit, sea salt & sugar dusted pecans, gorgonzola, balsamic vinaigrette, evoo. gf v  sm| 5.95    lg | 10.95

GORGONZOLA WEDGE • house cured bacon, minced red onion, diced tomato, gorgonzola dressing over iceberg lettuce wedge. gf v  | 6.95

We are more than happy to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please let us know! 

GLUTEN FREE MENU OPTIONS “gf” indicates which dishes CAN be prepared gluten free.

FOR VEGETARIANS “v” indicates which dishes CAN be prepared using tofu and seasonal vegetables instead of meat.